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my history of pantyhose adoration...the beginning - Thoughts of a pantyhose slave [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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my history of pantyhose adoration...the beginning [Jan. 24th, 2006|10:53 pm]
my Mistress suggested that i explain my first experiences with pantyhose. i found this to be a wonderful idea as the memories of first finding the joys of nylon and lycra are very vivid in my mind.

i was around the age of 11 or so, you know just starting to become aware of my self and having thoughts about the opposite sex. i also remember small things that would excite me, such as seeing my teachers nylon encased foot casually playing with her shoe while sitting on the edge of her desk or the off chance that a girl in my class "dressed up" for the school day, wearing tights and high heels, only to have to remove them for gym class. i remember being mesmerized by the legs of cheerleaders, the ones that wore the shiny tan tights, thick ones. At the time, i was confused as to why these things stuck out in my mind, but the passion that compelled me to stare and think sexual thoughts, over-powered any other thoughts such as those that struggled with the "reason i was so captivated by this" seemingly docile fabric. it was more than sexually appealing. It was inviting. It was outstanding and unique. i was completely enthralled by it.

After a short time, i began to become even more curious. i summoned the courage to venture into my older sister's bedroom closet. She was quite a bit older than me and no longer lived at home, however, her closet and room remained untouched for quite sometime. i remember waiting for a saturday that my parents would leave me alone in the house, a time when i knew that i could safely conduct my search. That day came and i snuck into my sister's room, taking great care to remain undetected even though my parents were away for the night. The creaking of the closet door was louder than expected, this would have to be fixed if i were to keep my missions stealthy. In the base of the closet sat a small 4 drawer chest. i began by opening the top drawer to be greeted with numerous pairs of socks of all colors. The next drawer held old bras and a few pairs of panties. This held my attention for a minute, then my mind continued on. The third drawer held a number of belts and random photo albums. The bottom and final drawer held what i was after. i had found it. Pantyhose legs criss-crossed each other like a pit of vipers. i plunged my hand into the drawer just to feel the material against my skin. i was greeted with a cool, slick feeling, one that i had dreamed about, only this was all and more than i had ever thought. i pulled out the pile and placed them on the floor at the base of the chest of drawers. There were all colors, mostly dark, blacks, navys, greens, browns, a few pair of cream colored hose, a pair of white opaques, a few pairs of suntan, and what caught my eyes immediately, a pair of thick, shiny tan danskin dance quality tights. i quickly slid my arm into the leg, seated my hand in the foot of the tights and rubbed it on my face. It was like i lost controlled of my body and the hose had power over me.

i removed my shorts and sat on the bed with the tights in hand. i slid my foot into one leg like i was born with an instinct to put on pantyhose. Without thinking, i bunched the tights down around my foot, making sure that everything went on completely. After getting the up to my knee, i bunched up the other leg and slid my foot in. my heart was beating wildly and i became aware of a strange stirring in my nether regions. With great care, i pulled the tights the rest of the way up my legs, making sure that they were properly placed and then finally, up around my crotch and on my waist. i remember the sudden rush of blood explode from my heart, sent straight to my head. I grew dizzy and breathing became impaired. It was like nothing i had experienced before. i wiggled my toes and rubbed my crotch while feeling the my tight covered legs graze against one another. It was then that i felt a welling of "something" growing inside my body. i had never felt this feeling before. my entire body tingled as i rubbed myself mindlessly. Images of pantyhosed feet and legs that i had collected in the recent weeks flowed through my head, as i peered down to see my own legs covered like those in my thouhgts. After a matter of minutes, my body became rigid and something robbed me of my breath. i gasped as my muscles tensed all at once and my body exploded with the force of a dormant volcano. i was caught between amazement, ecstacy, and confusion. The waves of pleasure were intense for what seemed like forever and then subsided. i collapsed on the bed, numb to the world.

i laid there for 15 minutes, just feeling the hose carress my lower body. It was then that my mind conjured up the desire to have pantyhose cover my entire body. It was an instinctual desire, born of pleasure and pure sensation. my hand felt the wetness that covered my crotch. i remember thinking what the hell is this. It felt warm and sticky. i didn't care. my head was swimming and my mind was amazingly vacant. i removed the tights and replaced all the others in the drawer, being careful to cover my tracks. i took a shower and quickly plotted when i would be able to experience what had transpired in the past hour.

and that was the first time, i had experienced pantyhose. It was then that my carnal desires were hatched. i am, to this day, totally and utterly powerless against shiny tan pantyhose. They control my thoughts, pushing any other thoughts out of my head. It sounds strange, but it is futile for me to try to either fight it or to rationalize it. my only choice is to succomb to it. It is there that i find my place, at the foot of a stunning Mistress, bound to the same adoration of pantyhose as i, but She is able to harness the power and use it as a tool to enslave me, as i do Her bidding.

this is only the beginning...